Jackie, you were wonderful in helping me pass the RPSGT exam! There was so much I had to learn and very little time. You made it possible with your patience for me to achieve this goal. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who is preparing to take the RPSGT exam. Thanks again!

Mari Garza

Jackie is “the” source to utilize in helping you pass the exam. I personally have test anxiety and she got me past that. Her commitment and methods in her program are exceptional. Thank you Jackie!!!

Jake Zoellner

I HIGHLY recommend Jackie Compton’s service! I learned more in the 5 sessions with her than I had in years of being a sleep tech. She broke everything down to make it very easy to understand.

Elizabeth Restrepo

Thank you, Jackie for all your help!!! I couldn’t of passed my test without your help. I didn’t have a textbook and you really gave me a lot of useful information and study material. Your very easy to talk to and encouraging. Thanks again.

Martha Impens

Jackie’s lectures were well presented and easy for me to understand. I didn’t feel well enough prepared for the BRPT exam. It worked and I passed my exam on the first try. I would recommend your service to anyone who is trying to pass the BRPT exam.  Thanks so much for your help.

Aimee Landry

When I finally decided to take the RPSGT, I came across Jackie’s video. She explained it where I could understand a lot better. I wish I could have taken more sessions with her. I think I would have scored higher. I did pass, the first try.


I only had 1 more chance to pass my RPSGT exam and I found Jackie Compton. I contacted Jackie with only 2 weeks to take my RPSGT exam. Finally, I got it! She simplified everything for me. Reasonable rates! She knows her stuff! I owe it all to her for passing my boards! I highly Read More

Lacritia Robles

If you are looking for help understanding material or just simply prepping to pass your RPSGT I would gladly encourage you have Jackie help you! I passed my test with her help.  Passing your exam will feel so good, and she can help you achieve that goal!

Tammy Thompson

Jackie has a vast knowledge of polysomnography and is naturally talented in her teaching skills. I found her excitement and her desire to demystify the most intimidating parts of our studies incredible. She can help you change your life.