Information For Sleep Center Managers

Sleep Tech Tutor understands the pressure sleep centers (i.e., you) are under to meet Medicare, insurance and AASM requirements. Having your techs pass their credential exams eases your burden, and that’s where we can help.

BRPT STAR self-study modules are required for some CPSGT and RPSGT examination eligibility pathways. Our online self-study modules are approved by the STAR program and meet the RPSGT requirements for Pathways #1 and #4 and the CPSGT requirements for Pathways #1 and #3.

Our presentations provide easy-to-understand examples which enhances your techs’ ability to learn the material and pass the exam, and equips them with the knowledge to conduct high quality sleep studies. For more information, call 425-239-2172 to discuss how your techs can benefit from our services.